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Tarmac After

Tarmac Restoration Dungarvan Co. Waterford


Does your tarmac driveway need refurbishing? Has it faded and lost colour over time?

Tarmac is one of the cheapest and quickest surfaces to lay but also one of the fastest to deteriorate. Over time the elements can take their toll and will cause the surface to dry out and lose its original colouring. Excessive wear from cars parking will also lead to the break up of the surface if not rectified early enough.


At Advance Landscaping we can restore that new look to your tarmac driveway. First we will clean down the surface using our state of the art presurre cleaning equipment. We will then fill in any places where the tarmac has been eroded over time and finally we will apply Smartseal Tarmac restorer to bring the colour back into the surface and help protect it in the future.


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